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Increase your R.O.I. and your Customer Pay Labor with Cost Effective Direct Mail
The primary goal for any direct response program is to get your mail noticed, opened, and read. If any one of these objectives is not accomplished, you’ve lost your opportunity to make the sale.
MindShare Multi Media is committed to providing the very best in direct response advertising for automotive sales and service departments nationwide. Our primary objective is to ensure the highest return on investment for our dealer clients through extraordinarily effective direct mail combined with the integration of the latest Internet marketing technologies.

Internet Services
With the creation of www.couponsforcars.com, we at MindShare Multi Media have integrated the Internet with your direct mail advertising program, giving you efficiency and value with measurable results.
Direct mail has long been the mainstay for presenting consumers with sales, parts and service specials-but the internet will be an important element of future marketing. And forward thinking sales, parts and service departments will need to make a seamless transition from the marketing of today to the marketing of tomorrow.

Opti-List Data Management
By far the most important element in direct response advertising is the mailing list. Due to the recent national restrictions placed upon the availability of registration data, maintaining the highest degree of purity of your database has never been more critical. MindShare Multi Media takes every possible step to keep your mailing list as up to date and accurate as possible.

The Opti-List Data Management System includes six procedural steps, and they are:

1-We cleanse your existing database of any duplicates, undeliverable and old addresses, giving you the highest degree of purity.

2-Demographic Profiling gets you to the people that are most important to the success of your business. Whether based on age, income, home value or owners of a particular model of automobile we can help you reach them. Criteria for your target customer can be changed and modified at any time.

3-Geographic Profiling allows you to target the people most inclined to purchase your products or services. If your target is a five-mile radius around your store we can reach those people with your advertising message. As simple as that.

4-Our lists are the most up to date automobile mailing list available. Purchased from the Division of Motor Vehicles, the lists are updated monthly providing you up to the minute accuracy. Lists for other categories of business offer the same quality and purity that you can depend on.

5- In the case of your existing customer list that you want to combine with a bought list, we can also help you with this. We merge & purge your list with the new list to drop any duplicates that exist that eliminates the waste of residents receiving more that one mailer.

6-Lastly, we run the list against the updated United States Postal Service list of “just moved and undeliverable” addresses.

These six processes ensure the cleanest, most effective mailing list available.

If your existing direct mail provider is not using the Opti-List Data Management System you could be wasting valuable marketing dollars.

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